About Us

The Amp Lab was started in 2013 as a small, low volume local amplifier repair business.  We quickly moved to buying multiple amps, repairing them and then reselling on eBay, forums etc.  In early 2015 we decided to expand our business and open our own website.  We wanted to offer a place to buy reliable used and refurbished amplifiers in one place, without the risk of being taken advantage of by the numerous and ever growing scams that plague internet forums, message boards, and Facebook groups.  As of November 2016 we officially started offering a repair service to our customers and have had great success with this! This has allowed The Amp Lab to grow and helped us to continue to offer quick and reliable service to our customers.

We take pride in each of our repairs and will not "cheap out" by just replacing what is visibly damaged.  Some shops will try to save a buck and only replace a few components in a parallel group, when ALL of the components should be replaced and matched.  This can cause future problems and premature failure of the repair.  Possibly causing more damage than the original fault.  We will replace all parallel components.  Even if that requires replacing 5, 10, 20 parts, when only one was "bad".

  • All of our amplifiers are repaired using high quality components from International Rectifier, Fairchild Semiconductor, DALE/VISHAY, and many others.  We do not use cheap chinese knock-off components in any of our repairs.
  • All amplifiers are load tested on both a live load (speaker), as well as a purely resistive, non-reactive load and put through a series of heating and cooling cycles and other tests to ensure the amplifier will perform as intended, and most importantly will LAST!
  • Amplifiers are checked for DC offset, efficiency, current draw, output signal quality, clipping, power output, and heat dissipation.
  • All of our amplifiers include a 90-day limited warranty!  Whether they are used, or refurbished. 



Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.  Tracking information will be emailed once the order is shipped.  Free shipping only applies to Lower 48 US shipments.

If you require shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us with the "Contact Us" form or email us at EthanP@TheAmpLab.net  Shipping to AK and HI will be calculated and invoiced separately.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.  We look foreward to doing business with you!


-The Amp Lab Team