A Simple Guide For Trade-Ins:

-The Amp Lab is officially taking trade-ins towards amplifiers we sell. At this point we will accept both non-working and working amplifiers on trade in. We are not currently accepting any equipment other than amplifiers on trade.

- We are only looking to accept trade-ins on amplifiers that we know that we can re-sell easily, so feel free to ask about trading in your amplifier, but do not be offended if we say we cannot take it in. It doesn’t mean your amplifier isn’t valuable, it just means it's a model we have not had success in selling.

-When you inquire about an amplifier that you want to trade-in, make sure you include clear pictures as well as a description of the cosmetic condition of the amplifier. Also, make sure to clarify whether your amplifier is working or non-working.

-When trading in an amplifier, keep in mind that this is a business and we cannot offer top market value for your amplifier. Expect an offer of 10-30% below resale value for a working amplifier in good cosmetic condition.

-If we discuss a trade-in and agree upon a price, this price is to include shipping and any fees. For Example: Let’s pretend we are buying an amplifier from you. If we offer $200.00 for your amplifier, this means you will receive $200.00, and out of that amount you must pay for shipping and incur any fees Paypal imposes.

- We will NOT send any money until we receive your amplifier and test it. We will not ship out any amplifier until we receive the trade-in and money. In order for us to remove an amplifier from being for sale to others, we need to either receive a tracking verification that you have shipped out your amplifier or your partial payment towards the amplifier.

-Make sure to pack your amplifier very securely. Shipping companies can be quite rough with packages, and we don’t want to receive amplifiers that were supposed to be working and/or in good cosmetic condition, smashed to pieces. IF the amplifier receives any a condition different from how it was described to us, we reserve the right to refuse the amplifier.

-For any questions related to trading in your amplifier, please send a message to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theamplab/, or send an email to EthanP@TheAmpLab.net